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5707 CD HELMOND, Netherlands
1 km from the city center

Booking: (+33) 1 70 98 61 18

7 days a week from 8:00 a.m. to 22:00 p.m. (Paris time) - Cost of a local call (Available in English)


Call the hotel: +31 49 2524151

E-mail address: info@goldentulipwestende.nl


How to get to the hotel

From the train station
From Helmond trainstation
Easy! Just a five minute walk from the central trainstation of Helmond city!

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Cultural Attractions
Cultural attraction
Castle of Helmond
Helmond Castle is a square medieval castle located in the city of Helmond. The design of the castle features four corner towers and is without a central tower, or a donjon. Construction of the castle began somewhere around 1325. Helmond was the replacement of an older castle, known as ‘t Oude Huys, which stood hundreds of yards west of the castle. In 1981, excavations revealed the original structure’s dungeon and a few artifactToday, the castle still hosts weddings and houses a small museum that educates visitors on the history of the castle.
Sight Seeing
National Park 'De Groote Peel'
De Groote Peel National park is a special, internationally renowned wetland area shared between the provinces of Limburg and North Brabant. This nature reserve boasts one of the largest and most varied bird populations in Western Europe. In the past, this bog area has been important for the extraction of peat, but today it is a breeding ground for hundreds of species of marsh and water birds. Stroll along the ponds, marshes, heathlands and open spaces and enjoy this special piece of nature.
In Dierenrijk, you will meet animals up close all day long. Children will join the animal keepers on their rounds during one of the many activities. In between, they can also enjoy the indoor or outdoor playground. We offer entertainment for the entire family: shows with seals or elephants!